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Legally Traceable Time

Protect your network and applications with accurate timeProtect your network and applications with
accurate time

Time, as measured by the second, is one of the seven legally defined units of measure. National Metrology Institutes, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, maintain official time using extremely accurate atomic clocks. NIST time is traceable to the worldwide time standard known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Time synchronization to UTC is required to validate time for legally traceable records. It also ensures the interoperability with systems on different networks in various locations.

Time synchronization for legally traceable time is a simple process requiring a time source and a distribution method. For networked devices a simple solution for time distribution is to use Network Time Protocol (NTP). Client software for network time protocol is widely available for virtually any operating system and is typically pre-installed. Configuring an NTP client is straightforward once the network has a governing source of time (a master clock also known as a time server).

The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides a cost-effective way to provide legally traceable time. The GPS system includes 24 satellites carrying onboard atomic clocks. The US Naval Observatory monitors the satellite's clocks and locks them to UTC for accuracy and traceability to national and international standards. The user need simply install the GPS antenna and connect it to a GPS-enabled time server such as Spectracom's GPS-capable NetClock®. A NetClock time server can be used to synchronize network devices via NTP. Other outputs such as serial ASCII time codes, alarms, event relays, and add-on radio transmitters to synchronize wireless devices (such as wall clocks) are used to provide legally traceable time to other time-sensitive devices.

Protect your network and applications with legally traceable time:

  • Accurate time is fully automated, eliminating error-prone manual setting.
  • Your network is protected against hacking, intrusion fraud and commercial disputes.
  • Fault diagnosis and file and network restoration is possible.
  • Your regulatory compliance and security policy programs are supported.
  • The network is interoperable and operates efficiently.


NetClock GPS time servers

Legally Traceable Time diagram

Spectracom time synchronization solutions

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